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About D-Bell

dbell was founded in 2015 by a team of dedicated professionals that have decades of experience designing, engineering, installing and servicing custom Home Automation systems. Many of our clients lived in very luxurious homes that required complex integrations with phone and security systems. Over time we started to think about how we could use the expertise we had gained working in the field with consumers and business owners to develop a security solution that would be accessible and affordable to everyone.

dbell Inc. was created with the goal of developing a high quality solution that included the most desired features of a video doorbell and security system at an affordable price. In early 2016 the first generation dbell was launched and sold at Best Buy and directly via the dbell website. The launch was met with strong demand and very favorable customer feedback.

The latest version of our solution, dbell HD Live was developed using an extensive research and design process and most importantly incorporates enhancements made based on customer feedback. dbell HD Live includes all of the key features of the original dbell plus an enhanced HD camera, audio sensor, advanced motion sensor, PC access, ONVIF® compatibility, Crestron® compatibility and lot more.

Our happiness relies on the satisfaction of our customers. To ensure this satisfaction we offer a high quality fully tested solution, customer support and we offer a full money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work, as specified.

We thank you for visiting us and we look forward to helping you protect your loved ones.